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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


What are the best PDF to Word converters?
Lots of software that converts PDF to Word, both online and installable applications. I’ve tested many PDF to Word converters, here is my recommendation.Desktop SoftwareFor Windows:Solid PDF ToolsPDF to Word Converter| Solid DocumentsFor Mac:Lighten PDF to Word ConverterPDF to Word Converter for Mac | Lighten SoftwareFree online PDF to Word Converter:CleverPDF: PDF to Word Converter Free - CleverPDF.compdftoword .com PDF to Word ConverterBut if your PDF file is a scanned document, which doesn’t have any text content, but only scanned images within the PDF file, OCR is required for extracting text characters from images.ABBYY FineReader is the best for OCR conversion.ABBYY FineReader 14PDF conversion is never easy, different developers use different algorithm for format reconstruction. All the developers will claim that their product is the best, but if you convert PDF to Word using 10 different software, you may get 10 different results. Aways try before purchasing. :)
Which software program can I use to edit an Adobe .pdf file?
While Acrobat Pro is the obvious (and best) choice, you can also use Illustrator. I use it extensively and it offers deeper functionality for placing and editing vector logos and text. It just really depends on what you need to do with it.Two other things:  - If you save a Word document out as a PDF directly from Word (using the PDF printer) it will save the text as "images" of the letters and not as editable, or live, text. Just good for you to know - I've gotten screwed by this a couple of times.  - Respectfully, I have never been able to really use Photoshop to properly edit a PDF file. You can do it, but it's too difficult to make it worthwhile.
What is the best free PDF converter available for a Windows 10 laptop? I need it for extracting and adding pages in documents from scanned PDF images.
Thanks for a2a (Click the upvote button if you like the answer)There’s no shortage of free PDF readers, but software that will convert PDFs to other formats is much harder to come by. That’s why we’ve gathered together all the best free PDF converters in one place, picking only the most versatile.To convert PDFs into a variety of different formats (including Microsoft Word, JPG, PNG, HTML and EPUB), you need a dedicated tool. These are the best.1. Icecream PDF ConverterAn amazingly flexible free PDF converter with batch processingCustomizable metadataExcellent choice of formatsBatch PDF conversionWith a huge range of supported file types, a smart interface, and optional batch conversion, Icecream PDF Converter is the best free PDF converter around.A lifetime license for the unlimited Pro version costs US$19.95 (about £15, AU$25), but the free edition will be more than enough for most home users.Download Icecream PDF Converter2. PDFMate PDF Converter FreeA free converter with OCR to turn PDFs into editable documentsPlenty of conversion optionsSupports re-arranging of pagesThree-document limitPDFMate PDF Converter Free is another powerful PDF converter, with a slightly different feature set to Icecream PDF Converter. It looks great, borrowing its style from the premium edition, and is very easy to use.PDFMate can also convert PDFs to images, plain text, HTML, DOCX, or EPUB format. You can only convert to DOC format if you upgrade to the Pro edition for US$39.95 (about £30, AU$50), but you can rearrange page elements so the converted files look good when printed (the default settings are tailored for standard US letter paper size).Some of the more advanced features are exclusive to the premium edition too, but the free offering doesn’t skimp on options and is another excellent choice for home users.Download PDFMate PDF Converter Free3. DocuFreezerA free PDF reader with batch conversion and no page limitBatch PDF conversionNo limit on page countRelatively few formatsDocuFreezer is free for non-commercial use, and is another solid option for converting common file types to and from PDF.It’s not quite as feature-packed as Icecream PDF Conveter or PDFMate, but isn’t held back by restrictions on page and document counts. In fact, its batch processing tool can handle whole folders of documents or images at once.DocuFreezer can save PDFs in popular image formats – JPG, PNG, and TIFF. The options don’t stop there, though – you can also convert text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to JPG format so they look identical on any device, and are suitable for uploading to a website.You can choose color settings for the converted files to ensure you don’t need to spend time tweaking them afterwards. You can also adjust the resolution of the image file, so you can be sure it’s high enough for printing, or low enough for sharing online – whatever your needs dictate.Download here: DocuFreezer4. WPS PDF to Word ConverterAccurate conversion to Word formats. Great for small documentsPreserves formattingOCR to recognize textFive-page limitOnly supports Word formatsAs you can tell from the name, WPS PDF to Word will only turn your PDFs into DOC or DOCX files, but that's all you need if you want to edit them without the expense of a dedicated PDF editing tool.The only drawback of the free version is the five-page limit. For larger tasks you'll need to upgrade to the full edition for US$29.95Download WPS PDF to Word5. Free File ConverterConverts PDFs to any format you can name, but results veryHuge choice of formatsDOC files lose formattingOnline-onlyWe typically prefer desktop PDF software to online tools, they're faster, don't depend on a fast internet connection, and don't involve submitting your documents to a third party.If you can look past these drawbacks, Free File Converter is a very convenient free conversion tool. It doesn't just accept PDFs, it can take pretty much any file you can throw at it and convert it to a more useful format.It's a handy site to have bookmarked, but if you need to convert a lot of documents then there are better tools around.Download Free File Converter
Which is the best single app for a Word document, Excel sheet, PPT, or PDF?
If you need split, merge, edit, sign your PDF and convert your PDF to Word, Excel, PPT you can use https://www.altopdf.com/
Which apps are beneficial to mechanical engineers?
A lot of mechanical engineering apps have been developed and upload on google play store. After researching i got the conclusion and i have listed below the some of the best mechanical engineering apps.1. MACHINE DRAWING & DESIGNSimple & clean notes of machine drawing & design for mechanical engineering almost cover topics.Download the App – Machine Drawing & design2. BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGit is designed for learning to basics of Mechanical Engineering. which almost cover topics of Mechanical Engineering.Download the App – Basic Mechanical Engineering3. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DICTIONARYWith more than 4000 Mechanical Engineering terms, this Mechanical Dictionary will sure cement your conceptual basics of Mechanical Engineering.Download the App – Mechanical Engineering Dictionary4. MECHANICAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONSThis mechanical engineering app consists of mechanical interview questions with answers which are collected and verified from trusted sources.Download the App – Mechanical Interview Questions5. THERMODYNAMICS NOTESThermodynamics notes app has been developed based on a need of students before exams and for revision purpose.This app covers all the topics of basic Thermodynamics.Download the App – Thermodynamics NotesThis information has been taken from here Top 7 Mechanical Engineering Apps you can refer to if for further infromation as this website gives important information on all engineering details.6. Pychrometric Calculator,Steam Tables etc
What's the best free alternative to Microsoft Office?
It’s been 34 years since Microsoft introduced us to Word, it’s famous word processor that everyone continues to use to this day. However, a lot has changed in the last three decades, as our workflow becomes more digital, more connected, more collaborative.If you are looking for a modern-day replacement for your text editor, here are a few good ones-#1: Bit.aiBit is a new age, cloud-based collaboration tool that helps teams create, manage and track documents.Bit allows teams to collaborate on workplace documents like- project proposals, sales decks, how-to guides, media kits, case studies, e-books, etc. Bit’s editor allows you to add various types of digital content that can live inside of your documents like Google Spreadsheets, Typeform, Twitter tweets, Airtable databases, code blocks, math equations and much more! If you want to send these documents to external partners, clients, customers or prospects, you can even track them to get intelligent engagement insights.Apart from documents, Bit also provides amazing content management capabilities. Bit has a content library that automatically saves the images, files and digital content you add to your documents (or workspaces) so that you can access and reuse them easily. Imagine, all of your digital content and files in one place for easy access and storage!Bit’s real-time collaboration platform makes it easy for your team to work under one virtual roof, provide feedback, add comments, and discuss work together across geographic locations and timezones! This is truly the document editor of the future.#2: LibreOfficeLibreOffice is a free and open source Microsoft alternative, built and supported by millions of community members worldwide. If you are one of those people who loved Word before it’s famous ribbon interface, LibreOffice might be the tool for you.LibreOffice provides a clean and simple user interface. What makes LibreOffice a versatile and worth Microsoft alternative is its office suite of productivity apps like Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing). LibreOffice is compatible with a wide range of document formats such as Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Publisher. Users can even export their documents in many different formats including PDFs. If you are looking for a clean, open source Microsoft alternative, LibreOffice is the way to go.#3: OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice is another open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. A true open source software tool, OpenOffice allows anyone to report bugs, request new features, or enhance the software. As a result, Apache OpenOffice does everything you want your office software to do, the way you want it to!OpenOffice is completely free to use, just download it on your computer or laptop and you are good to go. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. OpenOffice supports many popular file formats like such as DOC, XML, DOCX, XLS, and many more.#4: OnlyOfficeOnlyOffice is a feature-rich, cloud-based collaboration tool to Microsoft Office and online document editors like Google Docs. Like its contemporaries, OnlyOffice offer real-time document, spreadsheet and presentation sharing, and editing.Thanks to its collaborative nature, OnlyOffice allows users to upload a Word Doc from their computer directly to their web app and co-edit with their teammates. Users can also chat with one another inside the platform and avoid the dreaded email chain. You can track changes made to the docs, leave comments and access version history too. Apart from document editing, OnlyOffice offers a multitude of features that sets it apart from Microsoft. OnlyOffice offers powerful CRM capabilities, project management tools, calendar and email integrations, blogs, forums and much more.OnlyOffice supports various document formats including DOC, PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT and more.Users can connect their OnlyOffice account to various cloud storage services like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Onedrive so that you can have all your work in one place. OnlyOffice also supports Android and iOS apps to view and edit documents on the go and stay connected.OnlyOffice truly aims to be your “Only Office” and is a feature-rich Microsoft alternative.#5: Google DriveWe can’t wrap up this list without mentioning the name Google, can we? Another Microsoft alternative is Google Drive, Google’s productivity suite for teams as well as individuals.Google Drive is a free collaboration suite by Google that offers all three office apps for document creation, spreadsheets and presentations. A free Microsoft alternative, Google Drive offers free 15GB of cloud storage to store all your documents, spreadsheets, and media files but you can always upgrade in case you need more.Apart from the cloud-based apps, Google offers quite robust and handy smartphone apps for their entire office suite so that you can work from anywhere, anytime. Google Doc’s intuitive, simple and user-friendly design makes it easy to access, edit and share your documents, spreadsheets or presentations on the go.Google aims to cater to the needs of not only individuals but also teams. This is why Google allows its users to work on a document, presentation, or spreadsheet with their teammates simultaneously over the cloud. Users can give team members the access to edit or make it a “view only” doc, see changes made by your co-workers, and leave comments and suggestions in real-time.Even though Google Docs is not as robust or powerful as Microsoft, it is still a pretty great tool for the average user and can easily get the job done.Source: https://blog.elink.io/free-micro...
Which is the best PDF reader for reading PDF?
PDF reader Apps is most popular applications, that have always been a pain in the neck. there are 2 most common use cases for PDF files. the primary for business purpose, wherever you'll be able to create applications form in PDF format and have folks fill them out. The second is for reading e-books or other text. The PDF is a simple accessible file that works well for reading. Usually, PDF reader apps only used to at least one of 2 of these use cases and in this list, we’ve compiled a variety of the simplest PDF reader apps on Android for both.Generally, Most documents or forms you download online are in PDF format. PDF stands for moveable Document format, and due to its movableness, the format is extremely prevalent. There are several standard PDF readers Software available for Windows. android devices may not be able to open PDF files by default if they don’t have a PDF reader App installed.Most PDF readers are only suitable for reading and editing office documents but don’t offer satisfactory experience whereas reading ebooks. Here, we've compiled a listing of best Android PDF reader + editor apps to read, edit and share documents with ease.3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.1. Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Reader is a common selection for many users when it comes to PDF reader and editing. With Adobe Reader, you'll be able to open up any PDF files stored on your sd card, Google Drive, emails, or phone memory. The app will scan for all the PDFs on your device and build them available under the “Local” tab. apart from PDF viewing, you can use the app to edit the PDF files and add text comments, highlight sentences, sign the document, etc. Users also can sign forms through e-signing by using their touchscreen.3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.Moreover, it's a separate section with Dropbox support. just in case you have stored any PDFs in your Dropbox, you'll be able to access and edit them directly from your phone. Also, you can create an Adobe Document Cloud account from inside the app and store files online. the pro version is offered as an in-app purchase which unlocks premium options.The app doesn’t show any ads.Also, read: OfficeSuite PDF Editor Premium feature Unlocked v9.4.1 APK2.OfficeSuite + PDF EditorMobiSystems OfficeSuite is yet one more office suite on Android with some unique options that distinguish it from the other apps on this list. It offers a well-known desktop interface that makes it an excellent choice if you’re engaging from a big screen (such as a tablet). it's extensive file format support (including Microsoft office & Open office Formats), document scanning and PDF support. I’m not a giant fan of this app because of its clunky interface that is riddled with ads. However, you'll be able to upgrade to premium to remove the ads and access other powerful options for $14.99.key features:Supports edit and view documents saved in Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, AmazonCloud-based Drive and DropboxCan export PDF to Word, ePub, excel (Premium Feature)Password encrypt protection (Premium Feature)Digital signatures for PDF filesAbility to trace changes in multi-author support3.WPS Office + PDFWPS office is one of the most effective office apps for android that comes integrated with smart PDF reading features. you'll open any PDF files from your storage, crop it, add bookmarks, print, or save it to Cloud storage. Also, there's Night Mode to allow minimum stress to your eyes. The app permits you to scan paper documents to PDF using the mobile camera. in addition, you can convert office documents created in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. to PDF.By upgrading to the premium version of the app, you'll unlock further PDF features like PDF signature, PDF merge, etc. The free version of WPS office is ad-supported.Key Features:It can Open and edit your cloud files (Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box)Amazing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint format compatibilityCompatible with USB and Bluetooth KeyboardsAlso, Support wireless printingAuto-save and Document encodingOption to share files using wireless local area network, NFC or DNLALightweight and quick to OpenSource: 3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.