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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How can I convert a PDF to Word?
Do you really have a PDF format file where you want to change or convert it to a word file? No question about it, you definitely have! Don’t worry it is very simple to Convert PDF to Word File.This is the automatic software which do it. Here is the Guide, check here.It is also easy to edit pdf file online, so let’s discuss on how to convert it. Maximum number of people love PDF file for any field. It does not take a lot of space and it cannot easily editable. PDF file is a very compact file than original file size but the files preserve in their original size. This file format is only for read.Edit PDF Files OnlineThis is really great whenever you want to send any file or rules file to another one because they cannot change it easily but thankfully we will tell you the process to convert PDF file to word file so that if you received any PDF file and you want to minor changes into this document then you can easily.For your better experience, we will discuss how to convert PDF file to word file in different two ways.Covert HD Video without any Quality LossSo are you ready to know the secret then follow these steps one by one which is showing below--Convert PDF to Word File OnlineNow we are going to tell you how you can convert a PDF file to word file through online. Don’t worry it is a free website.Step-1At first, open your internet browser and type the following web address which is showing in the picture or this link.Step-2Then click on Upload a File to Convert and browse the PDF file which you want to convert to the document file and click open. Then it will take some few seconds to upload.Step-3Then click on Download which is showing the top of the page.Step-4After that scroll, the web page and you will see Download Word file option. Then click on it to save automatically into your drive.Now you can open that word file so that you can easily change. So this is one of the simple ways to convert PDF file to word file online.
How can I transform flattened PDF text to editable text in PDF/Word? I have tried some OCR and online converters but they all transform it to a drawing tool or photo element.
Thanks to A2A.First of all, let me clarify that a PDF file incorporates both text and images. So if the PDF file contains only an image of a background and text, in that case, an ocr software can recognize the text in the image to extract it. I have seen (and used many of them), and they all work pretty well to extract the text with just a few errors.On the other hand, if the PDF file contains text, then, any PDF viewer, such as, Foxit PDF, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe illustrator or even Sumatra PDF will give you the option to select the text (by dragging your mouse through) and copy it to the clipboard. Then, you can paste it in notepad or MS word or Write or any text editor. If you use Adobe acrobat or illustrator, both programs can preserve the text formatting.Cheers
How can I convert a PDF to an INDD file to edit in InDesign?
You can convert PDF to InDesign using an Adobe InDesign plug-in called PDF2ID that operates on both Mac and Windows for InDesign CS4 through InDesign CC (latest version). Note that PDF2ID converts, PDF, Illustrator (.ai) and Windows XPS files to InDesign format.You can also refer to the InDesignSecrets article which was discussed in depth Recosoft Ships PDF2ID Conversion Tool - InDesignSecrets You can also refer to Adobe forums PDF to Indesign Converter for reference.The uses of PDF2ID are various but its the following:Recover Lost InDesign files or Archived files (in case you have a PDF - use PDF2ID to recover the lost content)Migrate from other/older software (you can now take Quark, Publisher, etc other data and migrate it to InDesign)Your clients send you PDF and you have to re-work it in InDesign.Recosoft develops PDF & InDesign conversion software. PDF2ID - PDF to InDesign, ID2Office - InDesign to Word & PPT, PDF2Office - PDF to Word, Excel & PPT.
What are the best PDF to Word converters?
Lots of software that converts PDF to Word, both online and installable applications. I’ve tested many PDF to Word converters, here is my recommendation.Desktop SoftwareFor Windows:Solid PDF ToolsPDF to Word Converter| Solid DocumentsFor Mac:Lighten PDF to Word ConverterPDF to Word Converter for Mac | Lighten SoftwareFree online PDF to Word Converter:CleverPDF: PDF to Word Converter Free - CleverPDF.compdftoword .com PDF to Word ConverterBut if your PDF file is a scanned document, which doesn’t have any text content, but only scanned images within the PDF file, OCR is required for extracting text characters from images.ABBYY FineReader is the best for OCR conversion.ABBYY FineReader 14PDF conversion is never easy, different developers use different algorithm for format reconstruction. All the developers will claim that their product is the best, but if you convert PDF to Word using 10 different software, you may get 10 different results. Aways try before purchasing. :)
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What is the best software for converting scanned documents to editable Word documents?
To convert scanned PDF to Word, you will need the help of OCR program, there are 2 ways for your choice:Way #1 Convert Scanned PDF to Word with Professional OCR programFor Mac Users;Free download Cisdem PDF OCR Software for Mac and launch it on your Mac.Add your scanned PDF files to it for scanned PDF to Word conversion on Mac.Tweak the setting to prepare for Scanned PDF to Word Conversion on Mac.Start converting scanned PDF to Word on Mac. Click "Convert" to start the conversion.For Windows Users:Run the Nitro Pro and open scanned PDF with the program.Nitro Pro will recognize the file is scanned automatically. Click on “Use OCR” button when following prompt appears.Go to ReviewOCR, make the scanned PDF in editable format. Nitro Pro offers 2 OCR modes, searchable and editable. You are recommended to make the PDF editable for scanned PDF to Word conversion.Go to HomeTo word. The scanned PDF will be converted into Word format on Windows.Way #2 Convert Scanned PDF to Word Free Google OCRLogin into Google AccountGoogle DriveClick NewUpload File to upload scanned PDF.Right click on the scanned PDF and open with Google Docs.When the scanned PDF is opened in Google Docs, the OCR will be performed automatically.Go to FileDownload asDocx. The scanned PDF will be converted to Word.But users should realize that Google OCR has file size limit, even requires manual adjustment when OCR errors appear.
What are the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro?
This really depends on what you are looking to do:For heavy text editing:If you are looking to directly edit text in a PDF, there are two options. You can try using a desktop software product like Nitro PDF or Foxit's PhantomPDF 7. They both offer free trials that allow you to evaluate their product.The other option is to find a good PDF to Word converter. Personally, I find that converting a PDF to Word is the easiest way to edit a PDF. Once you perform the conversion and make the changes in Word, you can save it as a PDF again by choosing "Save As" and then choosing the PDF format. They key here is to find a good PDF to Word converter. PDF Pro has an online PDF to Word converter (full disclosure - I'm the founder of PDF Pro) available here: Convert PDF to Word OnlineFor smaller touch-ups:If you are looking to make small changes to a PDF (e.g. rotate pages, merge/split, add images, add text, etc.), I'd look into some of the free online solutions provided by services such as PDF Escape or PDF Pro .For OCR:For OCR, I've never found many good online alternatives. Adobe's OCR solution is really good. You can check out Abbyy's FineReader desktop software product if you really don't want to use Adobe. They probably have the leading OCR solution in the market today after Adobe.
How do I convert an InDesign file to a Word document?
May the Lord have mercy...You know there's almost never a good reason for doing this that survives a little hard, logical, cost-controlling, scrutiny.The designer ends up doing at least twice as much work to make it somewhat viable, and the client inevitably mucks up the layout horribly. You end up with a mess that is difficult to edit, next to impossible to print commercially, and a lot of wasted staff time and effort.[sigh]If I was pressed I would go to a PDF and run it through a good converter.This one is good if you have a lot of tables included:Create PDF and Convert PDF to Word Online, .NET PDF API Library for C#, VB. PDF Toolkit for programming PDF Server Applications.(Don't say I didn't warn you)
How do you convert a secured PDF to Word on Windows 10?
I convert a secured PDF to Word with AltoPDFtoWord - altoconvertpdftoword.comThe app is compatible with MacOS, Linux and Windows. It runs in a browser, on any internet-connected device and can be used anytime.They offer secure process of doc transferring due to our encrypted connection. All files are deleted after being converted.